Just a quick introduction to begin with.

Me with my kids

I joined Sun Microsystems in Feb 2009 to look after the product management for MySQL Cluster and MySQL replication.

I started my career with Nortel (technically BNR which was the R&D arm of Northern Telecom but everything later got merged and rebranded as Nortel). I was responsible for writing the original proprietary, in-memory database for Nortel’s HLR product. Later on, we used a number of 3rd party databases for the HLR (provisioning rather than real-time) and then HSS – starting with Oracle for the HLR and then SOLID but then settling on MySQL Cluster as the scaleable real-time database for the HSS.

When I left Nortel (via an IBM rebadging) I moved to Sun, hoping to use my experience as a MySQL Cluster customer to help the team build upon their strong product.

So far, so good – I’ve been really impressed both with the MySQL team and with how well the product is doing both with telco companies and others.

I’m planning on using this blog to publish technical content, publicise product information as well as anything else that crops up.

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