1 Billion queries per minute and much more – free webinar on MySQL Cluster 7.2 GA

1 Billion queries per minute with MySQL Cluster

1 Billion queries per minute with MySQL Cluster

Oracle announced the General Availability of MySQL Cluster 7.2 today. Join this live webinar to learn about what’s new in the production-ready, GA release of MySQL Cluster 7.2, enabling the latest generation of web and telecoms applications to take advantage of high write scalability, SQL and NoSQL interfaces and 99.999% availability, including:

  • Performance enhancements delivering 1 billion queries per minute, using just 8 data nodes
  • 70x higher JOIN performance with Adaptive Query Localization, enabling real-time analytics across live data sets
  • New NoSQL API via Memcached, creating a persistent, key-value datastore for schema and schemaless data
  • Auto-sharding across data centers with synchronous replication for scaling of highly available, global services
  • Simplified ease-of-use with new options for on-premise and cloud deployments
  • Integration with the latest MySQL 5.5 GA release

The webinar takes place on Thursday 23rd February at 09:00 PST, 17:00 GMT, 18:00 CET. Mat Keep and I will be presenting.

As always, the webinar is free but you’ll need to register here in advance – even if you can’t make the live event, this will make sure that you get emailed a link to the recording.


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  2. aaron says:

    I could not register in time, can you provide the link to the recording?

  3. Art says:

    I just wrote an article on my blog about the new GA. I wish I’d seen your blog beforehand. You could have been a great source. I’m looking forward to watching the recorded copy of your webinar when you post it. Please send me the link!

    As far as MySQL Cluster 7.2 GA goes, I am going to be spec’ing it out with all of my customers in the near future.

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