Glimpse of the future – massively improved JOIN performance for MySQL Cluster

MySQL Cluster Push-Down Joins

A great chance to find out about the “SPJ” project that’s under way to improve the performance of complex table JOINs. A free webinar has been scheduled for Thursday, November 04 at 09:00 Pacific time (16:00 UK; 17:00 Central European Time) – just register for the webinar at Even if you can’t attend, by registering you’ll get an email telling you where to watch the replay shortly after the webinar.

MySQL Cluster performance has always been extremely high and scalable when the work load is primarily primary key reads and write but complex JOINS (many tables in the JOIN and/or a large number of results from the first part of the query) have traditionally been much slower than when using other storage engines. Work is underway to address this and SPJ is the name we’ve been using.

Traditionally, JOINs have been performed as Nested Loop JOINs in the MySQL Server which is fine when all of the data is held there (e.g. MyISAM) but when the data is held externally (in Cluster’s case, in the data nodes) it can result in a massive amount of messaging. SPJ works by pushing the processing of JOINs down into the data nodes where they can be performed much more efficiently as the data is local.

As well as finding out about the implementation, you’ll also learn:

  • What queries benefit -> how you might tweak you application to get the biggest benefits
  • The kind of performance improvements you might expect to see
  • How to try the (pre-GA!) software for yourself.

Note that (as always) Oracle reserves the right to alter the timing and/or existence of new product releases.

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