MySQL Cluster : Delivering Breakthrough Performance (upcoming webinar)

MySQL Cluster partitioning key

MySQL Cluster partitioning key

I’ll be presenting a webinar covering MySQL Cluster performance on Thursday, July 26. As always, the webinar will be free but you’ll need to register here – you’ll then also receive a link to the charts and a recording of the session after the event.

The replay of this webinar is now available from here.

Here’s the agenda (hoping that I can squeeze it all in!):

  • Introduction to MySQL Cluster
  • Where does MySQL Cluster fit?
  • Benchmarks:
    • Access patterns
    • AQL (fast JOINs)
    • Distribution aware
    • Batching
    • Schema optimisations
    • Connection pooling
    • Multi-threaded data nodes
    • High performance NoSQL APIs
    • Hardware choices
    • More tips
  • The measure/optimise loop
  • Techniques to boost performance
  • Scaling out
  • Other useful resources

The session starts at 9:00 am UK time / 10:00 am Central European time.

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