MySQL Cluster running on Windows – new Webinar

MySQL Cluster Running on Windows

MySQL Cluster Running on Windows

Replay now available from

I’ll be presenting a (free) webinar on installing, configuring and running MySQL Cluster on Windows – starting at 10:00 PT on 7th January – that’s 18:00 UK time or 19:00 for most of Europe. To attend, just register ahead of time at

In this presentation we will explore the benefits of leveraging MySQL Cluster on Windows. We will also cover step by step, how to get started with installing, configuring, and running MySQL Cluster on Windows. Finally, a review of MySQL Cluster’s architecture and future roadmap for Windows support will be covered. If you are interested in learning how to leverage MySQL Cluster on Windows, this webinar is for you.

Thursday, January 07, 2010: 10:00 Pacific time (America)
Thu, Jan 07: 08:00 Hawaii time
Thu, Jan 07: 11:00 Mountain time (America)
Thu, Jan 07: 12:00 Central time (America)
Thu, Jan 07: 13:00 Eastern time (America)
Thu, Jan 07: 18:00 UTC
Thu, Jan 07: 18:00 Western European time
Thu, Jan 07: 19:00 Central European time
Thu, Jan 07: 20:00 Eastern European time


  1. SJamal says:

    Hello Andrew,

    In the near future, we will need two cluster too mysql databases running on Windows Server 2008 as well as make the WFE’s redundant. Is your video still available to watch via the web? Also, can mysql db’s be clustered using windows clustering?


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