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MySQL Cluster session from Oracle OpenWorld – replay is available.

As part of “MySQL Sunday” at this year’s Oracle Open World, Mat Keep and I  presented on the MySQL Cluster architecture and the latest features. If you weren’t able to attend then you can watch/listen to the replay here.

5 Steps to get started then scale with MySQL Cluster – webinar replay available

Last week’s webinar on getting started with MySQL Cluster and the scaling it out is now available to download from

MySQL Cluster - getting started webinar

It was great that so many people were able to attend live but if you missed it then the replay is a good way to catch up.

This session demonstrates how to start an evaluation of the MySQL Cluster database in 5 easy steps, and then how to expand your deployment for web & telecoms-scale services.
The getting started section covers:
  1. Getting the software
  2. Installing it
  3. Configuring it
  4. Running it
  5. Testing it
Scaling for HA and the web describes how to:
  1. Review the requirements for a HA configuration
  2. Install the software on more servers
  3. Update & extend the configuration from a single host to 4
  4. Roll out the changes
  5. On-line scaling to add further nodes

After a quick introduction, the webinar is very much a hands-on demonstration of these steps; if you want to try it for yourself then I’d suggest also downloading the MySQL Cluster quick start guide for your platform where you’ll also find a Flash video showing the creation of a MySQL Cluster in real-time.

MySQL Cluster sessions at Oracle OpenWorld next week

As part of “MySQL Sunday” at this year’s Oracle Open World, Mat Keep and I will be presenting on the latest MySQL Cluster features. We’ll be presenting at 15:30 (Pacific Time) on 19th September (the event starts with a key note at 12:30).

If you’re attending Oracle Open World then please indicate that you’d like to attend the MySQL Sunday when you register. If you aren’t planning to go to Oracle Open World but will be in the San Francisco area then buying a Discover pass ($75 in advance or $125 on the day) will get you into the MySQL Sunday sessions. Register here.

For details on the presentations and speakers, check here.

In addition, if you’re at the conference on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, please pop round and visit us at our stand at Moscone West W-071 where we have a demonstration of MySQL Cluster High Availability features including on-line upgrades and scaling together with automated failover and recovery.

MySQL Cluster documentation on iPhone/iPad

MySQL Cluster in iBooks

MySQL documentation has now been made available in ePub format (fetch the MySQL Cluster versions from ). This format is intended for various book readers.

I’ve tried it on 2 iPhone applications; Apple’s iBooks and the iPhone version of Stanza. The documents render well in both applications but as with most reference books you get the best results if you reduce the font size so that you get more on the screen at once.

With both applications, you can add the books through iTunes but Stanza also has the advantage that if you browse to the document in Opera on the iPhone then it gives you the option of opening it in Stanza – cutting out the need to use iTunes. I also prefer the rendering in Stanza. The only problems I’ve come across with Stanza is that you have to add the cover images yourself (if you care) – not a huge problem.

Page in iBooks

MySQL Cluster docs in Stanza library

Page in Stanza

Browse MySQL Cluster ePub docs on iPhone