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MySQL Cluster 7.1.19 is available to download

The binary version for MySQL Cluster 7.1.19 has now been made available at (GPL version) or (commercial version)

A description of all of the changes (fixes) that have gone into MySQL Cluster 7.1.19 (compared to 7.1.18) will appear in the 7.1.19 Change log.

Chance to give your views on MySQL Cluster 7.2 content

MySQL Cluster 7.2 Quick PollThe MySQL Cluster 7.2 Development Milestone Release has been out for a while now and we’d love to hear which are your favourite features – it takes just a few seconds to complete the Quick-Poll. It should literally take seconds to complete and will provide us with valuable feedback on the kind of features are most useful – so that we can build more of them in the future!

MySQL Cluster Evaluation Guide – refreshed for Cluster 7.2 DMR

 There is an updated version of the MySQL Cluster Evaluation Guide to go with the MySQL Cluster 7.2 Development Milestone Release.

The purpose of this guide is to enable you to efficiently evaluate the MySQL
Cluster database and determine if it is the right choice for your application,
whether as part of a new project or an upgrade to an existing service.
This guide presents a brief overview of the MySQL Cluster database and new
features in the latest 7.2 Development Milestone Release, and then discusses:

  • Considerations before initiating an evaluation
  • Evaluation best practices
  • Configuration options and sanity checking
  • Troubleshooting

By following the recommendations in this Guide, you will be able to quickly and
effectively evaluate the MySQL Cluster 7.2 Development Milestone Release

Please note that the MySQL Cluster 7.2 Development Milestone is not a currently
production-ready release. It is published to provide a preview of new features that
are planned, but not committed, for the next production-ready “General
Availability” release of MySQL Cluster.

MySQL 5.6 Replication Enhancements – webinar replay

Global Transaction IDs - simplifying replication management

The replay has now been released for the MySQL 5.6 replication enhancements replay where you can get the latest information on all of the great new content that has been included in the MySQL 5.6 Development Releases as well as some features that are still being developed. You can view the replay here.

Some of the topics discussed are:

  • Enhanced data integrity: Global Transactions Identifiers, Crash-Safe Slaves and Replication Event Checksums;
  • High performance: Multi-Threaded Slaves, Binlog Group Commit and Optimized Row-Based Replication;
  • Improved flexibility: Time Delayed Replication, Multi-Source Replication, Binlog API and Informational Log Events