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MySQL Cluster 7.1.23 has been released

The binary & source versions for MySQL Cluster 7.1.23 have now been made available at (GPL version) or (commercial version).

A description of all of the changes (fixes) that have gone into MySQL Cluster 7.1.23 (compared to 7.1.22) are available from the 7.1.23 Change log.

MySQL Cluster 7.2.7 released

The binary version for MySQL Cluster 7.2.7 has now been made available at (GPL version) or (commercial version).

A description of all of the changes (fixes) that have gone into MySQL Cluster 7.2.7 (compared to 7.2.6) are available from the 7.2.7 Change log.

Optimizing Performance of the MySQL Cluster Database – White Paper update

Engineering threads within a Data Node

Engineering threads within a Data Node

A new version of the white paper “Guide to Optimizing Performance of the MySQL Cluster Database” has been released; download it here.

This paper steps you through:

  • Identifying if your application is a good fit for MySQL Cluster
  • Measuring performance and identifying problem performance areas to address
  • Optimizing performance:
    • Access patterns
    • Using Adaptive Query Localization for complex Joins
    • Distribution aware applications
    • Batching operations
    • Schema optimizations
    • Query optimization
    • Parameter tuning
    • Connection pools
    • Multi-Threaded Data Nodes
    • Alternative APIs
    • Hardware enhancements
    • Miscellaneous
  • Scaling MySQL Cluster by Adding Nodes

As well as the kind of regular updates that are needed from time to time, this version includes the extra opportunities for optimizations that are available with MySQL Cluster 7.2 such as faster joins and engineering the threads within a multi-threaded data node.

As a reminder, I’ll be covering much of this material in an upcoming webinar.

MySQL Connect

MySQL Cluster : Delivering Breakthrough Performance (upcoming webinar)

MySQL Cluster partitioning key

MySQL Cluster partitioning key

I’ll be presenting a webinar covering MySQL Cluster performance on Thursday, July 26. As always, the webinar will be free but you’ll need to register here – you’ll then also receive a link to the charts and a recording of the session after the event.

The replay of this webinar is now available from here.

Here’s the agenda (hoping that I can squeeze it all in!):

  • Introduction to MySQL Cluster
  • Where does MySQL Cluster fit?
  • Benchmarks:
    • Access patterns
    • AQL (fast JOINs)
    • Distribution aware
    • Batching
    • Schema optimisations
    • Connection pooling
    • Multi-threaded data nodes
    • High performance NoSQL APIs
    • Hardware choices
    • More tips
  • The measure/optimise loop
  • Techniques to boost performance
  • Scaling out
  • Other useful resources

The session starts at 9:00 am UK time / 10:00 am Central European time.