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MySQL Cluster running on Windows – new Webinar

MySQL Cluster Running on Windows

MySQL Cluster Running on Windows

Replay now available from

I’ll be presenting a (free) webinar on installing, configuring and running MySQL Cluster on Windows – starting at 10:00 PT on 7th January – that’s 18:00 UK time or 19:00 for most of Europe. To attend, just register ahead of time at

In this presentation we will explore the benefits of leveraging MySQL Cluster on Windows. We will also cover step by step, how to get started with installing, configuring, and running MySQL Cluster on Windows. Finally, a review of MySQL Cluster’s architecture and future roadmap for Windows support will be covered. If you are interested in learning how to leverage MySQL Cluster on Windows, this webinar is for you.

Thursday, January 07, 2010: 10:00 Pacific time (America)
Thu, Jan 07: 08:00 Hawaii time
Thu, Jan 07: 11:00 Mountain time (America)
Thu, Jan 07: 12:00 Central time (America)
Thu, Jan 07: 13:00 Eastern time (America)
Thu, Jan 07: 18:00 UTC
Thu, Jan 07: 18:00 Western European time
Thu, Jan 07: 19:00 Central European time
Thu, Jan 07: 20:00 Eastern European time

MySQL Cluster 7.0.10 source released

The source version for MySQL Cluster 7.0.10 has now been made available at ftp://

This replaces MySQL Cluster 7.0.9.

You can either wait for the binaries to be released or if you’re in a rush then you can find instructions on building the binaries for yourself in the earlier article: “MySQL Cluster 7.0.7 source released“.

A description of all of the changes (fixes) that have gone into MySQL Cluster 7.0.10 (compared to 7.0.9) can be found in the MySQL_Cluster_7_0_10_ChangeLog.

Java and OpenJPA for MySQL Cluster

ClusterJ Architecture

ClusterJ Architecture

MySQL have been working on a new way of accessing MySQL Cluster using Java. The aim being to give most of the performance of the C++ NDB API but in a much friendlier form for Java developers. There will in fact be 2 new interfaces – ClusterJ (MySQL’s own API) and a JPA solution (using OpenJPA). If you want to see for yourself then take a look at the Blog entry from Bernhard Ocklin – the engineering manager responsible for this work.

New white paper: Guide to Optimizing Performance of the MySQL Cluster Database

MySQL Cluster Connection Pooling

MySQL Cluster Connection Pooling

This guide explores how to tune and optimize the MySQL Cluster database to handle diverse workload requirements. It discusses data access patterns and how to build distribution awareness into applications, before exploring schema and query optimization, tuning of parameters and how to get the best out of the latest innovations in hardware design.

The Guide concludes with recent performance benchmarks conducted with the MySQL Cluster database, an overview of how MySQL Cluster can be integrated with other MySQL storage engines, before summarizing additional resources that will enable you to optimize MySQL Cluster performance with your applications.

Download the white paper (as always, for free) from: