Analytics with MongoDB: Haymarket Media + Joins Coming in MongoDB 3.2 – London MUG

At the November London MongoDB Meetup Group we had 2 sessions.

The first was by Pete Dignan, explaining how PistonHeads (part of Haymarket Media) use MongoDB to perform analytics to make sure that their dealers get the best possible value. This was a really interesting presentation and Pete has kindly agreed to share his charts here…

You can also find out more about PistonHead’s use of MongoDB and their migration from MySQL in this article.

I then presented on the new $lookup feature from MongoDB 3.2 (adding the ability to perform left outer joins between MongoDB collections) together with other enhancements to the MongoDB Aggregation Framework pipeline. You can view the charts here:

For more details on $lookup check out the webinar replay or read this post.

The London MongoDB Meetup Group meets every 6-8 weeks and it’s a great opportunity learn what’s happening with MongoDB as well as how people use it – if you live or work near London then it would be great to see you there.

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