Discover the latest MySQL Cluster Developments – Upcoming webinar

MySQL Cluster LogoOn Thursday 17th July I’ll be hosting a webinar which explains what MySQL Clusrter is, what it can deliver and what the latest developments are. As always the webinar is free but please register here.


Join this technical webinar to learn how MySQL Cluster 7.3, the latest GA release, enables developer agility by making it far simpler and faster to build your products and web-based applications with MySQL Cluster. You’ll also learn how MySQL Cluster and its linear scalability, 99.999% uptime, real-time responsiveness, and ability to perform over 1 BILLION Writes per Minute can help your products and applications meet the needs of the most demanding markets. MySQL Cluster combines these capabilities and the affordability of open source, making it well suited for use as an embedded database.

In this webcast you’ll learn about the following MySQL Cluster capabilities, including the latest innovations in the 7.3 GA release:

  • Auto-sharding (partitioning) across commodity hardware for extreme read and write scalability
  • Cross-data center geographic synchronous and asynchronous replication
  • Online scaling and schema upgrades, now with improved Connection Thread Scalability
  • Real-time optimizations for ultra-low, predictable latency
  • Foreign Key Support for tight referential integrity
  • SQL and NoSQL interfaces, now with support for Node.js
  • Support for MySQL 5.6, allowing use of the latest InnoDB and NDB engines within one database
  • Integrated HA for 99.999% availability
  • Auto-Installer that installs, configures, provisions and tunes a production grade cluster in minutes

In addition, you will get a sneak preview of some of the new features planned in MySQL Cluster 7.4 Come and learn how MySQL Cluster can help you differentiate your products and extend their reach into new markets, as well as deliver highly demanding web-based applications, either on premises or in the cloud.

Even if you can’t join the live webinar, it’s worth registering as you’ll be emailed a link to the replay as soon as it’s available.

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