MySQL Cluster: The Latest Developments in Management, Free webinar

Migrating from MySQL Cluster Auto-Installer to MCMOn Thursday 23rd January, Thomas Nielsen and I will be hosting a webinar explaining the latest developments in managing MySQL Cluster. As always the webinar is free but please register here.

Note that we’ll be covering what’s new in MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3 which went GA this week.

By their very nature, clustered environments involve more efforts and resources to administer than standalone systems and this holds true for MySQL Cluster, the database designed for web-scale throughput with carrier-grade availability.

The MySQL Cluster Auto-Installer guides you through defining and running a well configured MySQL Cluster database – combining auto-discovery of platform resources with built-in best practices in an intuitive web-based GUI.

MySQL Cluster Manager (available as part of the commercial MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition) simplifies the ongoing management of MySQL Cluster by automating common management tasks, delivering higher administration productivity and enhancing cluster agility. Tasks that used to take 46 commands can be reduced to just one! These tasks include configuration, starting & stopping the cluster, upgrades and backup/restore and new for MCM 1.3, import a running Cluster.

Join this webcast to get up to speed on the latest developments in these tools and learn how to exploit them to make management of MySQL Cluster simple, efficient and reliable.


  • Thu, Jan 23: 09:00 Pacific time (America)
  • Thu, Jan 23: 10:00 Mountain time (America)
  • Thu, Jan 23: 11:00 Central time (America)
  • Thu, Jan 23: 12:00 Eastern time (America)
  • Thu, Jan 23: 15:00 São Paulo time
  • Thu, Jan 23: 17:00 UTC
  • Thu, Jan 23: 17:00 Western European time
  • Thu, Jan 23: 18:00 Central European time
  • Thu, Jan 23: 19:00 Eastern European time
  • Thu, Jan 23: 22:30 India, Sri Lanka
  • Fri, Jan 24: 01:00 Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines time
  • Fri, Jan 24: 01:00 China time
  • Fri, Jan 24: 02:00 日本
  • Fri, Jan 24: 04:00 NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania (Australia)

Even if you can’t join the live webinar, it’s worth registering as you’ll be emailed a link to the replay as soon as it’s available.


  1. Zainal Abidin says:

    I’m not familiar MySQL Cluster. Now i confuse. How does application connect to mysql cluster db? Using what? Example: If Oracle RAC, application connect using listener. How about MySQL Cluster? Care to explain.


    • andrew says:

      Hi Zainal,

      you just connect your mysql client or connector to any of the MySQL Servers that are part of the Cluster – they can all see all of the data.


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