Webinar – Automated Sharding and High Availability with MySQL Fabric

MySQL Fabric
On Tuesday 17th December, we’ll be presenting a webinar on the latest developments for MySQL Fabric (a framework for managing pools of MySQL server – together with 2 applications: automated sharding and High Availablity). As always, the webinar is free and you should register here.

This is your opportunity to hear the details directly from the engineering team and put your questions to them.

This session will present MySQL Fabric and help you understand how you will be able to leverage it to address your scaling needs:

  • Architecture for performance of a sharded deployment
  • Management of MySQL server farms via MySQL Fabric
  • MySQL Fabric as a tool for handling sharding and high-availability
  • Application demands when working with a sharded database
  • Connector demands when working with a sharded database
  • Approaches to mixing sharded and global tables


  • Tue, Dec 17: 10:00 Pacific time (America)
  • Tue, Dec 17: 11:00 Mountain time (America)
  • Tue, Dec 17: 12:00 Central time (America)
  • Tue, Dec 17: 13:00 Eastern time (America)
  • Tue, Dec 17: 16:00 São Paulo time
  • Tue, Dec 17: 18:00 UTC
  • Tue, Dec 17: 18:00 Western European time
  • Tue, Dec 17: 19:00 Central European time
  • Tue, Dec 17: 20:00 Eastern European time
  • Tue, Dec 17: 23:30 India, Sri Lanka
  • Wed, Dec 18: 02:00 Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines time
  • Wed, Dec 18: 02:00 China time
  • Wed, Dec 18: 03:00 日本
  • Wed, Dec 18: 05:00 NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania (Australia)

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