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MySQL HA Solutions – webinar replay

If you were unable to attend the live webinar (or you want to go back and listen to it again) then it’s now available to view on-line here.

Databases are the center of today’s web and enterprise applications, storing and protecting an organization’s most valuable assets and supporting business-critical applications. Just minutes of downtime can result in significant lost revenue and dissatisfied customers. Ensuring database highly availability is therefore a top priority for any organization. Tune into this webcast to learn more.

The session discusses:

  1. Causes, effect and impact of downtime
  2. Methodologies to map applications to HA solution
  3. Overview of MySQL HA solutions
  4. Operational best practices to ensure business continuity

Webinar: “Oracle VM Template for MySQL Enterprise Edition” on Wednesday

HA Provided by OVM

Join us for a webinar this Wednesday (13th July) to understand more about the benefits of using the new Oracle VM Template for MySQL Enterprise Edition as well as how to get started with it. As always the webinar is free but please register here. The webinar starts at 9:00 am Pacific (5:00 pm UK, 6:00 pm CET) and even if you can’t make that time register anyway and you’ll be sent a link to the charts and replay.

As a reminder, a new white paper is available that goes through some of the details – if you have time then take a look at this paper before the webinar and then get any of your questions answered. Get the white paper here.

The official description…

Virtualization is a key technology to enable data center efficiency and provides the foundation for cloud computing. Integrating MySQL Enterprise Edition with Oracle Linux, the Oracle VM Template is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to provision virtualized MySQL instances, enabling users to meet the explosive demand for web-based services. This webinar will demonstrate how the Oracle VM Template for MySQL Enterprise Edition ensures rapid deployment and helps eliminate configuration efforts and risks by providing a pre-installed and pre-configured virtualized software image, also taking advantage of Oracle VM’s mechanisms to deliver high availability. The webinar will cover: – An overview of the technologies packaged into the template – How to configure and deploy the template – How to use, modify and save an adapted template that supports specific application requirements By attending the webinar, you will learn how the Oracle VM Template for MySQL Enterprise Edition provides the foundation for a more agile and highly available MySQL environment. This session will be approximately 1 hour in length and will include interactive Q&A throughout. Please join us for this informative webinar!

White Paper – Oracle VM Template for MySQL Enterprise Edition

HA Provided by OVM

A new white paper is available that steps you though the benefits and the use of the Oracle VM Template for MySQL Enterprise Edition (also see yesterday’s press announcement). Get the white paper here.

As a reminder Oracle Virtual Manager provides a way to add High Availability to your MySQL deployment (this is separate from MySQL Replication and MySQL Cluster). The new OVM template provides a very convenient way to create one or more Virtual Machines that come pre-provisioned with OVM, Oracle Linux and MySQL Enterprise Edition as well as the scripts required to integrate MySQL into OVM’s HA features.

New – Oracle VM Template for MySQL Enterprise Edition

Oracle VM Template for MySQL Enterprise Edition

Oracle today announced the release of the “Oracle VM Template for MySQL Enterprise Edition” – you can read the press-release here.

There are a couple of ways to look at the benefits:

  • Provides a simple alternate High Availability solution for MySQL (i.e. rather than MySQL Replication or MySQL Cluster – although you can still set up replication to/from a MySQL Server installed this way)
  • A new, very simple way to get up and running with MySQL Enterprise – running on a complete stack that Oracle can provide support for

As the focus of this blog is normally MySQL Cluster and Replication, the HA attributes of this solution are probably those of most interest. When you download the template and then load it into Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM) Manager and fire it up you get the chance to flag that you want it to be run in a HA mode. What this means is that:

  • If the hardware, virtual machine, operating system or MySQL Server fail then the OVM Manager will recreate the VM on another physical server from the OVM Server Pool
  • For routine hardware maintenance you can tell OVM Manager to migrate a running VM to another physical server

Note that the data files are actually stored on shared storage under Oracle Cluster File System 2 (OCFS2) which is how a newly instantiated replacement VM can get up and running quickly. As the original hardware (or the MySQL Server instance, OS or VM) could still fail without warning the MySQL Storage Engine must be crash-safe and so this should be used with InnoDB rather than MyISAM.

The complete software line-up looks like this:

  • Oracle Linux 5 Update 6 with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel
  • Oracle VM 2.2.1
  • Oracle VM Manager 2.1.5
  • Oracle Cluster File System 2 (OCFS2)
  • MySQL Database 5.5.10 (Enterprise Edition) – InnoDB